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Lighting and Scenic Designer

Jacob Theodore Olson

Artist and collaborator who is passionate about utilizing scenic and lighting design to tell stories on stage. 



Jacob is a collaborator who strives to not only create excellent work; but also bring joy to the production process. While being trained in classical theatre design, he often adds a modern flare to old school elements of design creating something new and fresh for audiences. 

The Beginning

Jacob has been in love with production design for as long as he can remember. From engineering a tracking curtain out of bedsheets, hangers, and karate belts on his bunk beds- to making full scenic models out of LEGOS; he has been a passionate scenic and lighting designer. In high school, he would go on to be the first lighting designer for Cobb County Event Services and Leadership overseeing lighting projects across 19 high schools in the Atlanta area. He would go on to study theatre design at the University of Alabama with a concentration in lighting and scenic design. Jacob now resides in Southern California as the resident Lighting Designer for Saddleback Church.

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